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Client login for Goldman Design Close Website Redesign : Silverlight : 2009

  • Human Factors

    Interface surgery — redesign. Design the user experience with standards compliant, semantic, SEO-friendly and accessible markup. Increase affordance through design with deep user empathy and community forum feedback.

  • Technology

    Photoshop, semantic and validating XHTML, CSS, Silverlight, Community Server, jQuery, wireframe analogs and grey box wireframes.

  • Marketing

    This is the Official Microsoft community website. Silverlight provides a retained mode graphics system similar to Windows Presentation Foundation (or Flash), and integrates multimedia, graphics, animations and interactivity into a single runtime environment.

  • Aesthetics

    Clean and clear. Custom and well-researched iconography for visual mnemonics. Logo as a light source. An equivalence to form and function for this technical content website.