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Logo Design, Website Redesign : Parker Flavors : 2009

  • Human Factors

    Clean, clear and easy to read. Architect the user experience with standards compliant, semantic, SEO-friendly, accessible markup and a progressive enhancement approach. Create web site UI affordance through design with deep user empathy.

  • Technology

    Illustrator, PMS and process color, Emigre fonts, WordPress, PHP, jQuery.

  • Marketing

    Place Parker Flavors firmly in today's market while pridefully embracing the company's one hundred plus year history. Significantly reduce bounce rates from old to new website designs. Expand Parker's reach through the creation and management of Google Adwords campaigns and analytic data mining.

  • Aesthetics

    Clean and clear. A mix of fonts: Hypatia for the vestigial angled serifs and Dalliance for its vitality and individuality which together collate a modern counterpoint to the 1800 bowler cap and founder's vestment.