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Feng Shui Logo Design : Double Fire Feng Shui : 2004

  • Human Factors

    Clean, clear and easy to read, incorporate Feng Shui principles into the design and function of the logo and collateral materials.

  • Technology

    Illustrator, Spot and process color, various offset staccato printing with lacquers and embossing.

  • Marketing

    We had internationally recognized calligrapher Zuolie Deng in Seattle create two Chinese fire symbols. Both symbols translate as "fire", one is ancient, the other is modern. Together they bring old and new together - the clients primary goal and philosophy.

  • Aesthetics

    Bold symmetry and full-of-life color, card design mimics Feng Shui principles - corners are cut to reduce dormant energy, the four elements are included: water, fire, wood and metal. Embossing adds depth and brings "fire" to the "wood" back (wood supports fire).