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“I had the pleasure of working with Goldman Design on a number of design projects. They move quickly to digest both business and technical requirements and can easily bridge various communication gaps between business stakeholders, implementation and development teams. With direct, razor-sharp questions that get to the core of a business problem and their designs encompass more than look and feel. I highly recommend Goldman Design; working with them is easy, particularly as they have a track record of doing back flips to meet our needs.”

David Albertazzi
Senior Director, Online Resources Corporation

“Working with you on these projects has been fantastic. You’ve always been a pleasure to work with: dedicated, calm, flexible, insightful and creative. I’m sure I speak for the team when I say, we love having you as our designer. Your contribution to both LiveID and the redesign can be seen throughout the sites. Thank you.”

Phil Scott

“Goldman Design’s focus on detail and customer satisfaction are only matched by their creativity. Their work on the StoryMaker UI is still used to guide design several years later. Now that is ROI.”

Peter Schwab
Founder, MetaStories

“What’s truly remarkable and unique about Goldman Design is that the left and right side of their brains literally fire on all cylinders! They communicate concepts and listen so very well that our conversations are efficient, productive and seamless. In short, Goldman Design combines a simple, elegant aesthetic with an entrepreneurial savvy that is truly rare. “

Tim Parker
CEO, Parker Flavors

“I am extremely pleased with the work that Goldman Design has done for us and would highly recommend them. They provided great enhancements to the usability of our product and the design work is beautiful. Kevin and his staff were excellent at providing a structure and timeline for deliverables and consistently met all their deadlines. “

David Bevan
Director of Product Development, MULTICO Rating Systems, Inc.