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Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

Its clear that the future of computing exists on tiny devices. Cellular bandwidth, battery life, processor speeds, haptic and touch screen technologies have made it real; more and more of our daily tasks will exist through networked mobile devices.

Goldman Design is no stranger to design for small or non-web form factors. Founded in 1995, we’ve worked through the transition from 640×480, 256 color “edutainment multimedia”, CD-I, to web 1.0 and through web 2.0. This past year however, Goldman Design has immersed itself into the mobile design world consulting for companies like, and new mobile start ups to bring their enormous content directories and ideas to the mobile space.

Our Mobile Design Specialties Include

Is Design for Mobile Really Any Different?

Yes and no. Our core philosophy puts the user experience (the human factors) first and other design nodes such and technology, marketing and aesthetics second. Aesthetics is a no brainer. Every design firm should be on top of the latest style, marketing and technology trends, but it’s the firm grasp of user centered design that makes any design desirable. We stay focused on the user by: