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CSS Consulting

CSS & Web Standards Consulting

We specialize in architecting templatized CSS solutions from conception and helping repair poorly thought out CSS on existing sites. Every web project we produce ends with squeaky clean front end CSS/XHTML/IMAGE optimization techniques.

Do you have a CSS mess?

Many companies come to us after the permutations of destructive and poorly thought out CSS have brought their highly-trained back end developers to their knees. We specialize in surgically fixing these kinds of CSS issues thus re-setting your projects on a trajectory to healthy web standards, semantically correct markup, SEO optimized HTML and CSS best practices.

In 2007 a prominent web property receiving millions of page views per month came to us in this situation. Their site was using twenty six CSS files, many of which duplicated the same selectors with slightly different properties. It was a rats nest clusterjunk. Within a week we triaged and consolidator the major issues and provided a much needed short term fix. Within a few weeks we were able to get their developers back to what they do best, writing server code.