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What We Do

We create professional, fresh looking, easy to use web sites and apps that are built on modern best practices. Our web sites use air tight, web standards compliment, semantic, SEO-friendly and accessible markup with super clean and modular CSS and front end script. We hand off XAML and WPF for Windows or Silverlight apps.

User Centered Design

Design isn’t “look and feel” or aesthetics. Design is a philosophy and process. We practice user-centered design which places the user at the center of a systematic effort that must include the following:

We’re Not BS’ing You

User testing and research will give you a competitive edge. Our industrial design background has ingrained this user-centered approach into our DNA. Human Factors, or you could call it usability, is the top pillar of our world because we believe human factors make or break products. Despite the software industry’s adamant technology-centered and CEO-centered bias we continue to be the user’s biggest advocate. We do this in many ways, including:

Prized Copy

There is no great design without great copy writing. No matter what your site or app looks like, the quality of the writing can make a beautiful product look like amateur hour, and a bland, otherwise boring product or site trustworthy and thoughtful. Remember, it’s not only about paragraph copy, word choice and labeling make or break user interfaces.

Search Engines

Over the years there have been countless legitimate strategies (and misleading tricks) to get your site listed high on search engine results. Thankfully, today all search engines have built a degree of integrity into their search technology. Although you can create Google ads (we’ll talk with you about these affordable and efficient ads when we start our project) Google does not sell top placement in their search results. Rest assured we’ll prime your site from the ground up with “white hat” search engine optimization fundamentals.