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(1) Buy more ram for Photoshop. I know many people are skeptical if you’ll see much performance difference when using 1 gig of ram versus over 1 gig of ram. But, if you’re running Photoshop with large files you will benefit from more ram. I’ve been running 1 gig of ram on my Dell 9150, Pentium Dual Core 3Ghz for about 8 months. It’s been nice, but lately, I’ve had to work with 100+ layer Photoshop docs and things were getting slow. The extra gig I just added (for a total of 2 gig) has increased my typical Photoshop tasks 30% to 250%. The time savings will pay for the $99 gig of ram update in no time. Below is my very unscientific benchmark test of Photoshop speed before and after the ram upgrade.

Seconds taken to perform my common Photoshop tasks with 1 gig of ram versus 2 gigs of ram. The file that was tested is 45 megs, with 100+ layers, rgb, 72dpi and 1000×1800 pixels.
Seconds taken using 1 gig of ram Seconds taken using 2 gig of ram Percentage increase in speed with 2 gigs of ram
open the file 175 121 144%
action: duplicate the file then flatten it 7 4 175%
save for web 5 2 250%
save as new file name 138 105 131%

(2) The next tip. Buy your ram from The Chip Merchant. I remember buying my first ram upgrade for my Mac Quadra 700 from The Chip Merchant in 1991. They had the best prices and service then, and still do 15 years later!

I had a ram slot question about my Dell when I went to install the new 1 gig module so I called The Chip Merchant. Within minutes their tech support knew my exact Dell model and everything about the installation. He explained some nitty gritty details for options I’d have down the road and we were done. I love The Chip Merchant.

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