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What nomenclature do you use: “wire frame” or “wireframe”

“Wireframe” is not a word, but I can’t get myself to write it as “wire frame”

How do you present designs to others?

Material Honesty in Software UI Graphics

We call it material honesty in industrial design (no simulated wood grain on microwaves). What material honesty rules do your UI graphics use?

Web Material Trends

  • Stucco
  • Rubberized plastic
  • Flat-brushed aluminum

Mobile Material Trends

  • Metal grates
  • Fine linen paper
  • Glass

Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines on the Subject

Do Hand Held Computers Need a Wireless Carrier?

No doubt, the iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm Pre, Android, Blackberry Storm are all first rate computers.

Why is the iPod Touch the only device that isn’t tied to a wireless carrier?