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A List of Sites I’ve Designed That Are Not In My Portfolio Yet

Recently I had a potential client ask what sites I’ve designed. Since I haven’t updated my portfolio in almost two three years I figured I’d put a short list together here. There are a number of sites that are not public facing – so no links. Some of these include sites and apps for the US Government (work I’ve done with and for banks (work I’ve done with

There are also several distributed app user interfaces I’ve worked on the last few years, but I’ll need to find some time to add these to my portfolio since I can’t link to them.
Microsoft product site for
Microsoft product site for IIS
Prominent Web Development company
Spa in Scottsdale
CSS adapters for server controls

Microsoft Quickstart Tutorials
CRM company in Phoenix
Internet Coupon startup
110 year old wholesale flavor manufacturer
Microsoft Small Biz starter kit – used by developers around the world
Microsoft Personal starter kit – used by developers around the world
Microsoft Club Site starter kit – used by developers around the world Redesign

I started to redesign this week. The project has been in talks for months but was green lit recently. I spent this past week on full scale black and white wire frames / storyboards. They’ll be more storyboards of the user experience than abstracted flow charts. Flow charts of information architecture are too abstract and can get people agreeing on concepts that just don’t matter to end users. The current site has a ton of information, product types and a diverse audience. The redesigned site will sing with less visual fluff and more easily findable content for specific audiences. Slick visuals and pretty graphics will be the easier part, as they always are. Working the information design, writing style, extensibility and seeing the transfer of the existing content into semantic formats will be the heavy lifting. Site Design is Up and Running

The last few months I’ve been designing the Microsoft IIS web site. It was a pleasure to work with Bill Staples, Chris Adams and all the folks at Telligent to pull this site together. We have some new features and design additions coming this summer as well.

Designing Intergraph’s Rich Web App UI

My friend Jeff Prosise at Wintellect referred me to the Government and Securities Division at Intergraph. After an NDA, some talks and a clear statement of work I started a new user interface project with them. The developers at Intergraph are top notch. I’m humbled and eager to work with them and their products. Thanks Jeff, I owe you sushi at least.

Designing the Express Yourself Contest

Fun projects are so … fun. The Made In Express Contest was one of them. The finalists are already chosen, but you can track their progress along with judges Chris Pirillo, Phillip Torrone and Robert Scoble. I’m interested to see how the Community based video remix app (PixelParty) turns out.

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