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Derek with the band Bucho liked Maktub’s site which I designed and scripted in 2004. He got in touch and we talked about features Derek wanted for a while, then, by a great stroke of luck, the highly anticipated new Community Builder component for Joomla was announced. Even though Maktub is my band ; ) Bucho’s site will be technically better and easier to use (second time around is always easier).

Features to Bucho’s site will include a blog/news/journals system, polls, role-based login/register, database-driven tour calendar with auto iCal & vCal downloads (I worked on some of this component with Joomla component developer Graham Spice in early 2004, I think Graham shipped my original CSS for his GigCal), auto google maps, mass email tool with tracking, site statistics, form-based contact pages and Hammond B3 virtual simulator, kidding.

Every aspect of the site (content, navigation, moderation, etc…) will be up-datable with WYSIWYG editing from any browser by non-technical people (thanks to Joomla).

The site design will allow easy daily updating by non-technical people and scalability of the module components developed over time by the Joomla community.

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