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Chris Pels posted a great video tutorial of the CSS Control Adapters on the site. If you’ve ever wanted to use the 2.0 server controls for page elements like menus, tree views, gridviews, detailviews, etc.. but would like the process to render semantic HTML then you’ll love this video and solution.

Here’s a little background. Last year my good friend Russ Helfand at GroovyBits and I worked on a CSS solution for Microsoft that makes 2.0 server controls render semantically correct HTML and CSS. That is, I worked on the CSS styling and Russ did ALL the code. I wouldn’t have known where to start with the server code.

The stock menu server control (that creates 1 tier menus or multi tier drop down menus) uses tables to hold the menu items. But the same server control when used with the CSS Adapters will render clean nested ul and li tags. Enjoy.

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