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Stacking Up IE9 – Infographic and Checklists

Both are accurate, but this chart makes IE9 look great, while this info-graphic does not

Online Resources (ORCC) Launches Redesigned Bill Pay

The work we’ve been doing with Online Resources (ORCC), their internet banking UI and new bill pay interface is now launched. ORCC is a pleasure to work with; And we’re not just saying that for points.

Here’s a snippet from the Yahoo Finance article.

Highly adaptive, intuitive navigation – created in conjunction with usability, visual design and information architecture specialists, the new interface was consumer tested to meet the needs of any level of online banker, from the novice statement viewer to the small business user to the experienced power payer. The new, clean interface uses the latest in Rich Internet Applications (RIA) technology and “smart windows” for easy access to important information, which reduces information overload for the consumer.

Arcosanti – Arcology in the Phoenix High Desert

This past weekend Kara and I drove north to Prescott in order to get out of the Scottsdale heat. On the way back we stopped by Arcosanti (about 60 miles north of Phoenix on I17). Arcosanti is an experimental community formed by famed Italian architect Paolo Soleri in the 1970’s. I’ll let you read all about Arcosanti on their web site. The graphic aesthetic of the 1960’s and 1970’s Arcosanti posters are stellar.

ASP.NET CSS Control Adapters for Menus, Tree Views, Grid Views

Chris Pels posted a great video tutorial of the CSS Control Adapters on the site. If you’ve ever wanted to use the 2.0 server controls for page elements like menus, tree views, gridviews, detailviews, etc.. but would like the process to render semantic HTML then you’ll love this video and solution.

Here’s a little background. Last year my good friend Russ Helfand at GroovyBits and I worked on a CSS solution for Microsoft that makes 2.0 server controls render semantically correct HTML and CSS. That is, I worked on the CSS styling and Russ did ALL the code. I wouldn’t have known where to start with the server code.

The stock menu server control (that creates 1 tier menus or multi tier drop down menus) uses tables to hold the menu items. But the same server control when used with the CSS Adapters will render clean nested ul and li tags. Enjoy.

Goldman Design is Looking to Contract or Hire Talented Web Designers

Are you a designer looking for work? If so, contact me; I’m looking for talented designers.

We’ll work with large, high profile clients like Microsoft, Intergraph, Online Resources, vFinance and Universal Records. On occasion we’ll also work with smaller, local businesses, indie bands and startups. In all cases we’ll design creative, custom web sites and web apps tailored to the needs of our clients and their users. You need to be a mid level+ web designer with min 2 to 3 years experience creating user-centered web sites & apps. This is a contract position that can lead to employment.

For the past 12 years Goldman Design has been one person, Kevin Goldman. I’ve worked solo and have sub contracted designers on occasion. Now the time has come to expand and bring in key designers on contract that could eventually become design directors as the company grows.

Interested? Send a brief email including (1) portfolio link (list your involvement with each project if not already shown) and (2) links to two of your favorite sites and explain why they’re your fav.

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