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Web Design and App Design Process

It’s our philosophy that human factors make or break the product. Despite the software industry’s continued technology-centered or CEO-centered bias we are the user’s biggest advocate. We do this in many ways, most are included in the table below. This isn’t lip service; These are real methods we use everyday. User testing doesn’t need to cost a fortune and you’ll see the RIO within weeks. Contact us and we’ll explain each method further.


Order Cost UX Process Benefits Limitations
n/a 2x cost$ $

Analytic Mining ?

  • Low cost
  • Advertising ROI
  • Detailed and accurate
  • Funnels expose week points
  • Gold mines of user behavior and preferences
  • Easily manipulated
  • Data taken out of context can be dangerously misleading
n/a 2x cost$ $


  • Greater traffic
  • Better accessibility
  • Reduced lawsuit risks
  • Good SEO = good accessibility & vis-a-vis
  • none
n/a 2x cost$ $

Multivariate Tests ?

  • Detailed
  • Real world results
  • Long term cost savings
  • Very large group feedback
  • Faster & more meaningful release cycles
  • N/A for some distributed apps
  • Costly for small biz distributed apps
1 1x cost$

Competitor Analysis ?

  • Quick
  • Low cost
  • Objective
  • Learn from competitor’s wins or shortfalls
  • Identify product differentiators and long term strategic success
  • Need competitors
  • More time consuming to user-test competitor programs that require personal / sensitive information
2 1x cost$

Remote User Testing ?

  • Quick
  • Low cost
  • Broad participant pool
  • More iterations = innovation & usability
  • Can validate or debunk assumptions from devs, designers, client and CEO
  • Hard to draw nuances
  • Recorded screen captures do not allow for real-time questions and follow ups
3 1x cost$

Surveys ?

  • Objective
  • Measured overall satisfaction
  • Can validate or debunk assumptions from devs, designers, client and CEO
  • High level
  • Little nuance
  • Open answers hard to mine
4 1x cost$

Single wire frame ?

  • Quick
  • Low cost
  • More iterations = innovation & usability
  • Quickly creates conceptual common ground for various stakeholders
  • No flow or UI states
  • Misleading because static
  • Doesn’t communicate UX
  • Can leave large spec gaps
5 2x cost$ $

Wire frames ?

  • Quick
  • Low cost
  • Shows flow of the product
  • Can be tested as a paper prototype
  • More iterations = innovation & usability
  • none
6 2x cost$ $

Paper Prototyping ?

  • Quick
  • Low cost
  • Reduced dev time
  • Deeper discussion with users
  • More iterations = innovation & usability
  • Rapidly iterate & resolve work flow bugs
  • Can validate or debunk assumptions from devs, designers, client and CEO
  • Participants must be local to not incur travel costs
7 4x cost$ $ $ $

Photoshop comps ?

  • Looks like "progress"
  • Get stakeholders excited
  • Realistic aesthetic facsimiles
  • Easy to “over design”
  • Misleading because static
  • Can leave large spec gaps
  • Doesn’t communicate UX flow
  • Expensive & time consuming
8 2x cost$$

Slicing ?

  • Design team should slices their work
  • Economies of scale during implementation as the design team is intimately familiar with the CSS, markup and jQuery
  • We’ve tried slicing services and have learned they’re not plug-and-play, with no cost savings and no knowledge transfer critical to our clients
  • none