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User Centered Design

Design isn’t an aesthetic exercise. Our philosophy puts the user at the center of the product megacosm, a system of the following inseparable areas:

Human Factors is the top pillar because we believe that in the end, the human factors make or break the product. Despite the software industry’s continued technology-centered or CEO-centered bias we work to be the user’s biggest advocate. We do this in many ways, including:

The Design Megacosm

You miss one of these four and it’s simply not good design. Good designers realize they can’t do it all. They must incorporate specialized knowledge from human factors researchers, marketing directors, engineers and art directors into their work. Doing this the right way means thorough research, understanding design process, and internalizing departmental roles and the company’s vision. We balance consistent study and analysis with an openness to the creative sparks that make the work, and the end result, fun and innovative.