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About Kevin

About Kevin Goldman

A strong interest in technology and sculpture originally drove Kevin to study Industrial Design at Arizona State University. After graduation, Kevin landed his first job with a “multimedia” company in Tempe, Arizona and quickly adapted to the online world. He created a host of digital/multimedia and environmental design projects. It was a dream job.

Keep in mind, this was 1993. To have access and opportunity to design for emerging digital media was very exciting. Kevin designed for all sorts of mediums (cd-i, edu-tainment cd-roms, 3d for video, environmental design at The Phoenix Zoo, etc.) and was able to develop a great deal of cutting edge work. It was the perfect learning ground. The experience at Communication Design launched his design career, and built the foundation Goldman Design clients rely on. Today, Kevin works many Fortune 500 companies and with some of the most successful technology thinkers in the world.


A passion for visual design has always worked in tandem with a love of music. When Kevin took a weekend to visit Seattle several years ago, he ended up calling the Northwest home. Days after moving to Seattle, Kevin formed Maktub, the seminal northwest heavy soul band. A spot on National Public Radio, a video on MTV, features in numerous magazines, a national Associated Press article, favorable review from The Boston Globe, the release of Maktub’s “Khronos” in Japan and Europe and an aggressive national tour landed Maktub in the center of an exciting adventure. Radio plays of the band’s single “You Can’t Hide”, as well as album sales, grow exponentially. Super hip NYC label Velour saw the growing legions of fans and signed Maktub at the beginning of 2003. Since then Maktub has licensed songs to multiple HBO, NBC and CBS television shows and have worked with Grammy Award winning producers Bob Power and Joe Chicarelli. Today Kevin continues to make records with Maktub including the 2007 release “Start It Over” and 2009’s “Five“.



Despite all the rock star stuff and keeping busy with design jobs, Kevin is family-oriented. Best friend and wife, Kara and Kevin spend a lot of time together outdoors and traveling abroad. They recently gave birth to their first firecracker son, Brayden on July 4th, 2009