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About Goldman Design

We offer user centered website design and software design services (sometimes called "user experience" or UX design) for large and small companies. Kevin Goldman, an industrial designer in the early ’90’s founded Goldman Design in 1995 and approaches design with a human factors emphasis.

We’ve worked with some of the brightest minds and companies in the industry since 1995. We’ve gotten here by creating more than pretty pictures. Any designer can make a static Photoshop comp pretty, or even original. Our visual aesthetic is slick and world class but good design is always more than that. We understand that real results, efficient processes and design leadership is important for all businesses.

1995 Goldman Design founded, first client: SmarTek

Art directs and produces two claymation CD-Roms

Designs first web site for True North Realty

Pioneered FutureSplash (…Flash) techniques for MSN

Creates dozens of web “shows” for MSN

Noted in Time Magazine

Designed two of four product box features for Office app

Overhauled Microsoft PowerPoint animation engine

2000 Designed Xbox launch Flash animations

Redesigns thirty Sharepoint CSS themes

Developed countless Flash templates for MetaStories

Joomla deep dive, creates numerous music sites

Designs numerous ASP.NET Starter Kits for Microsoft

Publishes web standards articles for MSDN

Redesigns dozens of corporate websites

2005 Designs Sales Logix dashboard interfaces

Designs the Microsoft IIS logging UI (ships w/ Windows)

Redesigns the Official Microsoft website

Redesigns ORCC’s Consumer & Biz Banking websites

Designs Microsoft’s website

Designs the Official Microsoft website

Designs Microsoft Azure cloud services websites

Designs multiple software UI’s for Minitab

Redesigns Microsoft’s website

Design mobile sites, iPhone apps

2010 Looking for more growth, clients & skills